About WhoWhatWhere Tampa Bay

Why all the excitement?

WhoWhatWhere Tampa Bay is your single stop for everything that’s going on in the Tampa Bay business community.

WhoWhatWhere Tampa Bay was created  to promote local business growth through the exchange of ideas, educational events and social interaction. We are bringing together smart, hard-working business owners who understand that the best way to grow their business is by helping businesses around them grow too. By working together, we can build our businesses and better our communities.

Every month, throughout Tampa Bay, there are hundreds of opportunities to meet, to talk and share ideas with other business leaders. We represent a wide variety of industries and businesses, and we are always interested in hearing about new ways for us to connect to one another.


The Business and Technology communities in Tampa Bay….and our friends.


Events. Conferences. Networking. Cowork Invitations. Seminars. Lauches. Lunches. Parties. Educational STEM activities. And everything in between! We do exclude purely commercial activities that are not community building or educational in nature


The Tampa Bay Metro Area which includes Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Bradenton, Sarasota, surrounding counties, towns and communities. If the rain hitting your head eventually flows into Tampa Bay, you’re one of us.

Too big you say? Consider this fact: The length of Silicon Valley in Southern California, from San Francisco to San Jose, is roughly 50 miles. That’s the distance between downtown Clearwater and downtown Sarasota.

So suck it up buttercup. We have a lot more parking than San Fran so get out of your office and come be social with us.


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Get involved! Learn how you can join in and be a part of the growing Tampa Bay business community. Want to suggest an event or planning your own event? Use this form and give us the details. Don’t forget, your event should be social, educational or community building in nature. Free and nominal fee events are given priority, but the editors can be bribed with a VIP pass. :)